The ceremony can be held at any location and I’m happy to travel nationwide to serve grieving families.  If the ceremony is at a Funeral Home, I will keep the Funeral Director abreast of all our plans so we work together for a flawless ceremony.

How do I choose a Celebrant?

It's very important to pick a Celebrant who understands your needs and is properly credentialed to advise you of options and to write and officiate a professional, empathetic and compassionate ceremony.  

Who pays the Celebrant?

The Celebrant's fee is sometimes part of the itemized fee that your funeral director charges, so they would pay me as a disbursement.  If you wish, you can pay me directly and advise your funeral director that you are doing so.

Can you help us to choose music, readings, prayers etc? 

Yes, absolutely.  That is part of my responsibility as your Celebrant.  Keep in mind that each ceremony is individually created to honor the deceased.

Whose responsibility is it to organize a memorial?  

The next of kin or the executor of the deceased's estate is legally responsible.  However, family members and friends usually co-operate in the planning of a funeral.

How long does a memorial ceremony usually last?

Depending on the venue location, the ceremony can last from 30 to up to 1 hour or longer.  If you think there will be many tributes and the ceremony may take longer, let the venue point person know so that we are allotted the appropriate amount of time and avoid any double booking.  However, if you are having your memorial in a park or at home or other venue, the length of the service is much more flexible. 

How do you, the Celebrant, dress for the ceremony?

I dress with respect for the occasion.  If you have any special wishes, I will do my very best to accommodate you and your loved ones.  

Is it a good idea to include family members or friends in the ceremony? 

Family members are encouraged to participate in the ceremony by the reading of poems or readings, or reading a tribute to the deceased.  Being involved makes the ceremony more personal and can help the bereaved to accept their loss.