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Aretha Gaskin -- Funeral Celebrant

Aretha Gaskin -- Funeral Celebrant

The loss of a loved one is often accompanied by an enormous sense of grief and loss.  Even if their death was expected, the reality of your loved one's passing can be very painful, sometimes overwhelming, and many emotions can surface, including guilt and anger.  Sudden and unexpected death can be accompanied by a sense of shock and disbelief and the thought of preparing for a funeral can be very distressing.

A memorial ceremony can be helpful, no matter what thoughts and emotions are swirling around, by allowing the loss of your loved one to be expressed in a loving way that truly reflects their life. 

When you gather to say your good-byes, you come together to celebrate and to grieve their loss and to affirm the bonds which held and still hold you close to your loved one.  A thoughtfully prepared memorial ceremony provides opportunities for expressions of love, gratitude and sorrow to be shared.

I’m Aretha Gaskin, a Certified Life Cycle Celebrant specializing in memorials and weddings and I'm here help you take the time to remember, reflect, grieve and celebrate.

Please contact me to see how I can help.