A memorial ceremony is a final act of love for the deceased person.  A good memorial is one that resonates with meaning for those involved.

As your Celebrant, I am committed to planning, crafting and officiating a beautiful memorial ceremony that reflects and compliments the life of your lost loved one.  I do this by working closely with you, family members and friends to include all of your requests.  

My services include but is not limited to meetings with you to discuss:

  • The type of memorial ceremony that would be best suited for the deceased
  • Whether any family members or friends would like to participate
  • If children should be involved – they provide the most colorful and vivid memories
  • What types of poems, readings, rituals, music and/or prayers you’d like to include
  • Assistance with writing the eulogy or assist family and friends in delivering their tributes
  • Any interesting anecdotes you’d like to include
  • Write, coordinate and officiate the memorial ceremony

Why settle for what others choose to do when you can plan something extraordinary.

Pre-planning helps to ensure that your ceremony captures your essence and offers comfort to those who attend and will leave an image of you that will be enormously helpful for those left behind.  

Know that pre-planning your funeral or memorial ceremony is all about doing something positive and your way of putting your own creative stamp on a life milestone.  

My pre-planning services include but is not limited to meetings with you and your family to discuss:

  • Tradition:  What traditions do you wish to have represented in the ceremony
  • Legacy Plan:  Should donations be made to a specific charity in your name in lieu of flowers
  • Achievements: Which achievements would you like most recognized in your ceremony
  • Place: Where would you prefer to have your ceremony and reception held
  • Music: What songs and instruments do you wish played and by whom
  • Colors:  What color or color scheme should dominate the service
  • Symbols: What symbols represent who you are
  • Stories: What stories do you wish read